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What makes us different from other processors? Unlike Most of processors we are happy to take on processing large solid waste (ingots, housing from household and office equipment, pallets, etc.). In many enterprises are engaged in molding plastic accumulates a large number of bars, businesses do not know where to put them, we are happy to buy and recycle.


  • ingots of various materials (formed by a color change in the foundry equipment)
  • Solid and overall plastic waste
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) film products
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): any plastic containers (boxes, food patches, pallets ... etc.)
  • PP (polypropylene) film, vegetable patch
  • bags PP (polypropylene ) contaminated with salt, flour and other bulk products.
  • Different packages will inevitably remain in the packaging of products in the film (such as bread, cookies, chips, etc.)
  • metalized film
  • PA: polyamide products
  • ABS, PS, UPM: housing office.
  • You can always offer and any other plastic waste

shop plastics - with its infrastructure division, located at the sites of over 500 2 , a well-functioning system of work and qualified personnel. Our specialists have developed a number of technologies that help run the production process and in a large volume of waste plastics of varying quality.

Recycling polymers

Polymer - is a high-molecular compound, a substance with a high molecular weight (from a few thousand to several million). If communication between the macromolecules by means of weak van der Waals-they are called thermoplastics, if by chemical bonds - thermosets. For linear polymers include, for example, cellulose, to branched, for example, amylopectin, is polymers with complex spatial three-dimensional structures.

In our efforts to recycling polymers , we are often confronted with their species created synthetically. In particular, it may be waste of something made up, for example, polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene. Along with other types of waste disposal, recycling of polymers is also of great importance for the preservation of the ecological environment.

polymer science as an independent field of knowledge was a huge development in the middle of the last century, when scientists were aware of the role of these substances in technological progress and human life. As a result, in the age of new industrial and household uses a lot of things and found materials on polymer base. For example, the translucent visor for bus stops and ground crossings. Or the most famous application of polymers - polyethylene film. Naturally the use of these substances in the home and industry, inevitably leads to the appearance of waste plastics. Our company is engaged in processing of polymers in the products, which you can also find on our website, making the timely collection and transportation to their place of business and education.